Black Crow Herbal Solutions is one of the several marijuana dispensaries in Vernon allowed to operate on a temporary business license permit while the city waits for clarification from the province on where and how marijuana can be legally sold. Photo credit: Jennifer Smith/Morning Star

Marijuana Mayhem

LETTER: Political banter analyzed ahead of public hearing hearing Monday, Jan. 22

I was just reading “Vernon restricts sale of marijuana” in the Jan. 8 edition. There is one aspect of this story that I find particularly troubling.

“Anderson also introduced a resolution recommending the province grant individual municipalities the jurisdiction to allow or ban cannabis dispensaries from their community… Coun. Juliette Cunningham disagreed with Anderson’s motion, saying it was unfair to those people who require access to marijuana for medical purposes… a lot of polling has been done on this and it clearly shows that the majority of people polled are in favour of it.”

I would rather have a Councillor who wants the province to guarantee autonomy to a municipality on certain issues, than have a Councillor who relies on unspecified polls, in unspecified locations, to dictate civic policy.

Polls are notoriously inaccurate. I worked on an NDP election campaign in 2015 that Ipsos Reid did a poll on which indicated on Oct. 10, 2015, that we were three points ahead of my friend Mel Arnold.

Nine days later we came in third.

Councillor Cunningham regularly challenges Councillor Anderson on his choice of wording, or any motion that threatens the over-emphasis on social justice issues in Vernon, and in my opinion, this constant “reaction by rote” is to the detriment of Vernonites who want government that is issue-related, and not influenced by polls in places like Toronto.

A poll taken at Bloor and Yonge in Toronto that reflects that 51 per cent of the people coming out of the subway station want legalization doesn’t necessarily reflect what the results would be in front of the Schubert Centre, asking the same questions.

Councillor Cunningham – go to the Schubert Centre and ask the people there how they feel about all the dispensaries on 30th Avenue.

Dean Roosevelt


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