Many reasons for rules of the road

Letter writer calls on residents to follow the laws when driving

Ignorance and neglect to the laws of operating a motor vehicle can result in accidents, some of which end in fatality.

There are many rules of the road and many reasons why drivers should obey these rules. Speed limits are clearly and accurately posted in an attempt to maintain order and safety among drivers.

Those who do not obey posted speed limits could have less reaction time and less control over their vehicle.

Patience and alertness are key to being a safe driver.

My family and I were driving on a highway with poor weather driving conditions when a man in a 4×4 truck sped dangerously past us. A few kilometres down the road, this same man in the truck was flipped over in the ditch.

It is important for drivers to obey the speed limits in an effort to ensure a common safety and sense of security to all  of those who share the road.

Equally important is the no phone use while operating a motor vehicle. A driver should always be aware of their surroundings on the road.

Those who decide to text while driving a vehicle are putting themselves and those around them at a greater risk. Someone who is texting while driving is distracted and cannot react properly.

Furthermore, and some may not agree, there should be a cap on the age a driver should be allowed to operate a vehicle. As people age, so do their common five senses. Reaction time and awareness are naturally altered by this process. The other day, an elderly woman drove through the clearly marked crosswalk and almost hit a young woman crossing the street.

The driving abilities of our fellow seniors need to be closely and delicately monitored.

In conclusion, the laws of the road are placed purely in an attempt to prevent the preventable. Photo radar should be voted into the town of Vernon. The penalties or fines for disobeying these laws should be greatly increased in the hope of slowing traffic down.

The drivers in Vernon should also be less concerned about what province a fellow driver is from and more concerned about how they themselves might be driving.


Tanis Lehman




Vernon Morning Star

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