Many help make Aldergrove senior’s life easier

Transition after a stroke was made much easier by kind people.

Editor: I am a senior living in Aldergrove. This past year, I suffered a stroke and have lost a lot of my independence.

I can walk, but I require oxygen and therefore cannot drive. I have to depend a lot on others for tasks that I took for granted before my stroke.

During this transition in my life, I have come to realize how many kind and considerate people there are in our world, and especially right here in our community.

I especially want to thank all the staff at the Aldergrove Shoppers Drug Mart, Save-On Foods. TD BankĀ  and the library.

Also thanks to the kind people at the biomedical clinic who are so gentle with those nasty needles. The staff at these locations go beyond their duties to extend their compassion. They deserve to be greatly thanked, and I want them to realize how much their kindness means to others.

I am sure there are other establishments in Aldergrove which provide the same kind of considerate services to their customers. They all should be recommended for their efforts. We do live in a great world.

Sharon Morris,


Langley Times