Many good reasons to vote ‘no’ in transportation referendum

Province is hiding behind TransLink and the mayors to tax us more

Editor: I am voting ‘no’ in the transit plebiscite, because of the process involved. The cowardly provincial government is hiding behind TransLink and the mayors to tax us more.

The provincial government has the power to increase our taxes without asking us, as they are presently doing via ICBC, B.C. Medical Plan and BC Hydro.  Why not with transportation?

If we, the taxpayers, give them the satisfaction of asking the government to tax us more, what will keep them from increasing that tax to one or two per cent?  The “powers that be” think we, the taxpayers have to be “educated” in order to vote ‘yes.’

It appears to be more of a selling job for them. We know exactly what is at stake. It is futile for us to shovel more money at the wasteful bureaucracy of TransLink.

Then there is the sheer hypocrisy of the ‘yes’ side’s cheerleaders.  Immediately after the launch of their campaign, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is asking for a raise in his $154,000 salary and Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner quietly funds the court costs of one of her councilors, on what is a private matter. All of these funds come from the same taxpayer.

Enough is enough. Vote ‘no’ to any increased taxes.

Ed Wiens,


Langley Times

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