Making space for good news


A little good news goes a long way!


I have recently returned home after spending time in the Peace Arch Hospital and in emergency.

I received such excellent care from everyone, too many to list, the doctors, nurses, technicians, the paramedics.

Must not forget the good food.

I hope you will find a space to print my appreciation.

Joyce Melnychuk, Surrey

• • •

A little good news goes a long way!

Thank you so much to the wonderful couple who found, and were able to return my eyeglasses, by using the lost-and-found section in the Peace Arch News.

And thank you that your classifieds continue to have a “lost and found” section, and that people can still file “found” ads without any cost to them.

The news is usually full of bad people doing bad things. It’s honest people – like the couple who found and returned my glasses – who restore our faith in others.

It’s extremely important to remember that the many good people in White Rock and South Surrey vastly outnumber the few “rotten apples” who disproportionately capture the lion’s share of newspaper headlines.

Roger Hussen, Surrey



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