Mainstream media and the BC election

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I want to thank the mainstream media who have, since May 9, done a pretty good job explaining what is happening about government and the May 9 election, with appropriate sound clips, interviews and academic resources.

I think that it is natural for there to be confusion out there about the results and what happens next.

However, Premier Clark, on May 30 made it quite clear what her options are and what she plans to do. She explained to us the consequences of our May 9 vote. And she is quite right to stay on because only the legislative assembly decides who governs British Columbia.

Citizens have been informed by our mainstream media and various social media about what is going on. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We all have rights, but we also have responsibilities, one of which is to learn, be informed and vote.

Here in Courtenay-Comox, we also learned about things like absentee ballots and how crucial they can be to an election’s outcome. And how important every vote could be when we witnessed the official recount.

All of this is to the point that the media helped us learn more about our political system and make the point that while some might feel the election wasn’t fair, it was indeed because it was conducted by Elections BC, an independent agency of the legislature.

Cliff Boldt,


Comox Valley Record