Love yourself

Do yourself a favour and acknowledge your key strengths on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day brings with it thoughts of romance, togetherness and everlasting love with one special person.

Have you ever considered that one special person is in fact you?

I am in my 50s now and when I was younger, would have said “yeah, yeah, yeah” to this crap about love yourself and love will find you, but it is true.

I took the plunge to move from England to greet a completely different way of life here in Canada, and I realize now that this was a bold step in the direction of self-love.

I am also an expert on compatibility, having been Britain’s busiest graphologist, hired to analyze handwritings of would-be couples.

For Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favour and acknowledge your key strengths. Thank yourself for these and, if you are single, choose to be the ‘picker’ of someone whose strengths sit well with yours, rather than hope to be ‘picked’ by someone who may want to mould you to their liking.

You are unique, special, and gifted, and your compatible partner will just love you for being yourself.

If that is not the case, then do special things which acknowledge your value and respect yourself, because the only person you will have a love affair with your entire life is you.

Victoria Fabling


Qualicum Beach



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