Lots of wellness at the parade

Dear Editor

I have been noticing in the past few months that there has been a certain amount of confusion concerning Ashcroft’s new brand “Ashcroft – Wellness Awaits You”.

Last year I was honored to be asked to join the group of people who would be known as the “branding committee”. It was a long, slow process to finally come up with a brand that would suit our diverse community! The outcome was, though, a brand that will stick with Ashcroft for many years to come.

We found out that the citizens of the cities, especially Vancouver, never know what real natural quiet and darkness are. Many people who live in high rises must artificially darken their windows and wear night masks and ear plugs just to get some sleep. Many city-dwellers are over stimulated to the point that they just can’t relax. When these people are introduced to the serene beauty of Ashcroft, they feel like they are in heaven!

We are blessed with some of the most lovely weather in Canada (even this year!) We can grow crops here that most of the rest of Canada cannot. We have beautiful scenery, perfect hiking and running trails, fishing, horseback riding, automobile racing, yoga, massage, swimming, workout gyms, incredible bed and breakfasts, and countless other wonderful amenities to help anyone to relax. We also have an ever-improving hospital and other medical practices. Our nights are dark and quiet, except for the comforting rumble of trains, or the odd not-so-comforting train horn! Our air is fresh. We have enough different businesses in Ashcroft that all of our necessities are met. Wellness DOES await visitors to our village!! This year’s Rodeo Parade theme is “Wellness”.

It is shaping up to be another fabulous event. We promoted the theme as “everything good”. Ashcroft has a lot going for it as far as being able to promote “everything good”.

Of course, there always is room for improvement. I am sure that as time progresses, so will the positive things about Ashcroft. All good things take time to come to fruition. Meanwhile, be proud of living in the place that tells everyone that “wellness awaits them”, and relax and enjoy Ashcroft for all of the wonderful things that make it our home!

Heather Philpott

Rodeo Parade committee

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