Local and global sustainability at risk

Herb Nakada letter on the future of the planet and its resources.


Common challenges are formidable … and we are running out of time.

Fatih Birol, chief economist for the International Energy Agency, says we may have only until 2015 for effective common action.

The “debate” is on the future of the planet and its resources. The “debate” goes on … with you or without you.

You may choose to see it … or not. You may choose to be engaged or not. The consequences affect you regardless. The “end game” is in sight.

The vast majority strives to keep their children and grandchildren safe. They want the security of every advantage provided for them … to have a decent future … to live decent lives.

Our future human sustainability could be assured … with just part of our world’s military budgets. The U.S. alone spends more on their military forces than the next 17 nations combined. The wealthiest nation in the world protects the wealth of the one per cent and the “servants” they need to support them … backed with military force to “sustain” them.

Insecurity of the rich blocks the eradication of poverty in America … and globally.  The U.S. ranked first among the 17 leading industrial nations with the largest percentage of their populations in poverty.

Their “middle class” lost 40 per cent of their average net worth between 2007-2010. Half the population of Americans (150 million) live near poverty, in poverty, or in extreme poverty … while the “rich” gains stupendously in wealth.

Conservatives cheered as they passed C-38 on to the Senate. Harper-led forces have chosen a “Canadian (?)” mega-fossil fuel industry to be the “envy” of the world … while common global and local sustainability are at issue.  Where money is considered “free” speech … there are the rich and the rest of us in winner takes all political economics. Powerful forces want no limitations on their “freedom” to access this planet’s resources … even here in the pristine Taseko River watershed.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune

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