Living wage would help solve childcare problem

Re: Childcare campaign looking for town's support, (The NEWS, March 9)

Re: Childcare campaign looking for town’s support, (The NEWS, March 9)

I am writing in response to your article on Childcare Campaign looking for the town’s Support. I have a question. Would it not be better to support a living wage? This would allow one parent to remain home caring for their children, instead of having to pay someone else to watch/guide them, or conversely, to allow the single parent enough to pay daycare costs. It would have the added benefit to those without children, of earning enough to have spending money, increasing the economy, resulting in more jobs.

We seem, as a group, to be supporting and trying to treat symptoms rather than address the root cause. If our economy were healthy, we would not need two incomes to barely eke out an existence, which requires financial assistance for the basics.

I think it is time to take a look at our past to shape our future. When children, our most precious resource, were raised at home and one income was sufficient to raise a family. When people worked one job, not three, to make ends meet. Time to change our priorities.

Just my thoughts.

Susan Bergmann



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