Living in a war zone

Letter writer Jim McMurtry says it right. You can’t discharge firearms inside city limits legally, how can you get away with the continuous barrage of cannon fire?

Technology used to protect aircraft at airports is used indiscriminately in residential areas bordering farmland which once grew corn and carrots. There once was a co-existence between farmers and homeowners but that has been recently surrendered to the consistent pounding of cannon fire.

The government will end up paying the price for the allowing of this ridiculous cannon fire from sun up to sun down. In Cloverdale the plan for densification from 64 to 24 Avenues to the south will put so many people in cannon fire way that the government will have no choice but to silence those cannons forever.

Those farmers who decided not to plant corn and carrots should realize they  must restore the once-super soil back to its original fertilization, get all the sawdust trucked out and go back to real vegetables.

The real estate board should have to disclose cannon fire. Anybody who buys here has to know before summer starts that they can’t sit in their yards at all because it’s like being in a war zone. I know, I’m a five-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. The cannon fire gets so repetitive it’s like automatic arms’ fire.

Come on, this has to stop. Pets and animals are spooked also. This is disrespect for everyone’s health on a grand scale.

Paul Fitzgerald, Cloverdale

Surrey Now Leader

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