Lives in upheaval when autism is involved

Editor: Recently in the Gazette, and last week on CHEK 6 news, there was a story of a parent and an autistic son who to be removed from their home in Honeymoon Bay, with nowhere else to go.

Why should I care?

Well, my husband, 86, and myself, 80, have an autistic grandson who is 16-years-old, so we can relate to the pain of this mother and grandmother. He is also non verbal and low functioning.

He spends holidays with us, and our lives are in constant upheaval with considerable repair jobs when he leaves.

He is under the care of BC Children’s Hospitals, has two care aides through the school system.

What happens when he turns 19 and is no longer under the school system?

Back to the mother and son at Honeymoon Bay.

Where is the community when you need them?

Where is the school system?

Where are the churches?

Autism is on the increase, and we had better address this issue.

Jean Brown

Lake Cowichan

Lake Cowichan Gazette