Line painting

Resident provides some advice on line painting in the community

A great letter from Ritchie Leslie regarding line painting on our highways and in our city as well I should add.

Faded and almost non-existent road markings are not only dangerous, they reflect poorly (pun intended) on our province and our city.

While I don’t pretend to know anything about the economics of line painting, here’s what I do know.

Orillia, Ont., the town I grew up in, required any paint supplier who wanted the city’s business to provide a can of paint for test purposes. The city painted a foot-wide stripe across the main highway from each can of paint.

I remember seeing as many as 10 stripes in the 100-foot test area.

Now we had long winters and  lots of studded tires and after the one-year test period, some stripes were barely visible.

The paint that stood up the best was the paint the city used period.


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