Liberals should dig into own pockets

Christy Clark is not the premier of B.C in letter writer's opinion

Christie Clark, who in my opinion, is not the premier of B.C. as she lost her seat in the provincial election.

The Liberal Party should appoint a premier who is an elected MLA. She can remain as the leader of the party if she chooses but not as premier. Then if the Liberal Party chooses to force a byelection by having one of there own resign in order to allow Clark to run for a seat then they should be paying, in full, for the cost of that byelection.

If she wins that byelection then and only then can she be reinstated as premier. The people of BC have already gone through with the cost of a provincial election and should not be made to pay for this byelection.

So I would hope that Christie and the Liberal Party would do the right and honourable thing by digging into their own pockets on this one!

Doug Maxwell



Penticton Western News

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