Liam’s Lowdown: 10 things to do at home during COVID-19

Just because we're staying home, doesn't mean we can't try something new

In the wake of surging COVID-19 cases, here’s 10 ideas for those wanting to stay home and off Netflix.


If you do chose to watch something, knitting at least makes it feel productive. It make seem intimidating, but it’s a simple process.

Anyways, handmade gifts always feel more personal than something store bought. Feel free to mail them to the Revelstoke Review, PO Box 20.

Complete a puzzle

Lets face it, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon so the more pieces the better. Feeling extra saucy?

Take on a Rubik’s Cube.

Start a journal

Sometimes writing is hard (so SO hard), but like everything else, it only will get better with practice. Sure, it can be about coronavirus, but it could be about anything, even pickles to picnics.


It’s time to read the big ones, like Moby Dick, Les Miserables or Game Of Thrones. If that doesn’t please you, delve back to Archie comics.

Take a bubble bath

If I could, I’d move into my tub and refuse to come out until there’s a vaccine. But, Black Press says no. Agh.

Make cocktails

Just because there’s a pandemic, doesn’t mean we can’t get classy. Learn how to make a Manhattan, aperol spritzes and negronis. They taste better with evening dress wear and foods on the end of a toothpicks.

Colouring books

No matter what your friends say, they aren’t just for kids.

Home improvement

It might be time to get around to fixing that broken door knob or cleaning the back of the fridge. Sigh.

Rearrange your sock draw

Because why the heck not.

Learn a new language

Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, learn old English words and pepper them into your conversation. Wherefore not?

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