LETTERS: Worship can take place outside of churches

Williams Lake city council needs to mind its own business


It is always interesting to see groups such as the Williams Lake council not being able to resist sticking their nose into things they have little or no knowledge of. While Mayor Cobb says that many churches have “all the plans in place,” I am willing to bet that he has no knowledge of how many churches there are in B.C., let alone how many “have all the plans in place” to operate safely.

So far all I have seen are people going into churches in the Fraser Valley not only in defiance of the rules regarding churches but additionally many of them are doing so without masks.

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Meanwhile, Coun. Scott Nelson has shown us that he apparently doesn’t see the difference between playing hockey, going to church or going to Walmart. Let’s hope his good lady can explain it to him before sending him out for a dozen eggs.

Regarding the churches, since when does one have to go into a church in order to worship. Many of B.C.’s churches have found other means such as radio frequencies to broadcast their messages and the majority of B.C. churches are following the regulations set out by Dr. Bonnie Henry and her group of medical experts. Oh, did I say doctor. I wonder how many of the ministers or councillors have a degree in medicine?

This is a serious pandemic we are dealing with and our government has appointed several knowledgeable people to organize our response to it. Having watched the NDP handle this crisis, it is my opinion that they have done an outstanding job under the most difficult of circumstances. Let’s let them do their jobs.

The churches are not the only ones who are inconvenienced or hurt by this situation. Tens of thousands of Canadians have lost loved ones, many thousands have medical problems from Covid that could well affect them for the rest of their lives, families have been separated and people have been unable to see loved ones in long term care even while their loved ones were dying. Somehow not being able to attend church in person seems insignificant.

Wayne Fox

Lac la Hache

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