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LETTERS: Wearing a mask during a pandemic ‘just common sense’



In my opinion, the official advice we have been getting that we do not need to wear masks in public is dangerously wrong.

Not only do masks protect the wearer, (if they did not, health care workers would not insist on having them) but also, masks stop infected people from giving the disease to others.

There are many asymptomatic-but-infected people out in public spreading droplets as they go.

That is why cases increase.

The Chinese and some other Asian countries are well aware that masks protect us all, yet Canada and Western countries, illogically, discourage using them.

That is one major reason for the differences in infection rates between East and West.

Find, buy or make a mask to wear, to protect you from others, and others from you.

This is just common sense.

Peter Clay, South Surrey

Peace Arch News