LETTERS: Water concerns

Letter writers address water issues in the City of White Rock.


Recent testing results of our White Rock water have showed acceptable limits for arsenic have been exceeded in some of our wells.

For this reason, I would suggest that residents buy bottled water for their drinking and cooking needs.

I have been using bottled water for the last few months and it looks like I will have to keep doing this until 2019 which is when the City of White Rock will have their filtration plant up and running.

Patricia Kealy, White Rock

• • •

I never was very good at math, so maybe you can help me out.

I caught something in PAN regarding upgrades to the White Rock waterworks. Something about $14 million for upgrades and chlorination, plus a suggested $23 million purchase price (editor’s note – the city has only been told the final price was to be arbitrated), I come up with a total cost to taxpayers of $44 million.

The idea of a $44 million price tag for a water system in White Rock is, quite simply, an idea that is too stupid for words. This is like parking a Rolls Royce in a trailer park.

Barry Gaudin, White Rock




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