LETTERS: Vigilance will sustain forest

Editor: Please keep our forest green and our homes safe.


If you have never walked Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest‘s nature trails, you probably haven’t thought about how lucky we residents are for having such a gem in our midst.

Not only do the trees provide us with fresh air and lower the area’s temperature by at least 10 degrees, the forest also has proven medical benefits such as relieving stress while walking with friends, a group, or the – leashed, please – dog.

To lose this natural world to fire would not only be a disaster for us but for the wildlife that calls it home.

And what’s to say that the burnt-out acreage – which is currently saved in perpetuity – wouldn’t attract developers for more highrises.

The forest and surrounding homes, recreational facilities and sports fields are also at risk from lightning strikes.

Smokers and squatters can also play a part in igniting a fire. Each area bordering the park is littered with cigarette butts tossed from car windows. A simple solution for extinguishing driver’s cigarettes is to carry a water-filled pop can as an ashtray. Smoking is prohibited within the forest and parking lot at all times.

Please be vigilant. Please keep our forest green and our homes safe.

Dee Walmsley, Surrey

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