LETTERS: ‘Victoria Challenge’ issued to White Rock council, city staff

Editor: This challenge is not for the faint of heart


I was surprised to read that Coun. Scott Kristjanson stated that it would be “bad judgment on our part, and bad faith” to reverse the decision to make Marine Drive one-way.

Prior to this statement he admitted that it would be “embarrassing” for council to change their minds, even though they do not have a plan yet on how to deal with the problems that will arise. In my opinion that is the definition of bad judgment.

I am encouraging White Rock city council, the professional traffic-planning staff and city staff to take the “Victoria Challenge.”

To complete the challenge, one must navigate the Victoria Avenue obstacle course twice. One day mid-week and one day on a weekend. The course starts at Fir Street and heads east to Maple Street. You must navigate the course by foot and – to increase the difficulty – walking a dog, pushing a stroller or wheelchair, or walking with small children is encouraged.

This challenge is not for the faint of heart. Victoria Avenue does not have sidewalks.

One must walk on the road with the estimated 250 cars per hour. Whoever completes the challenge without being hit will be crowned “Victorious.”

The residents on Victoria Avenue take this challenge daily, but up until now it has only been with local traffic that is generally respectful of people walking down the street.

I am looking forward to recording our elected officials completing this challenge and encourage them to post what day and time they will make their attempt, so that we can cheer them on.

Barbara Gingrich, White Rock

Peace Arch News