LETTERS: Valuable 60 seconds saved at intersection



Whilst standing at the intersection of Johnston Road and North Bluff Road Thursday, Aug. 8, at around noon, I was awe-struck by the driving of a lady in a light brown SUV. She was stopped at the intersection facing east on North Bluff Road. The traffic light was red. The traffic on Johnston Road began driving south through the intersection.

The lady decided to turn right in an attempt to get in front of the oncoming traffic. She would not be stopped in her endeavour to attain superiority of the intersection and proceeded to drive over the sidewalk.

The pedestrians, who now had a walk signal to cross North Bluff Road, nimbly avoided her antics. She was successful in her endeavours and coolly, but slowly, pulled in front of the oncoming traffic.

It was a sight to behold, but unfortunately not too unusual for the drivers of the White Rock-South Surrey area.

I hope the lady has done something positive with the 60 seconds she saved at the intersection. Maybe she is working on world peace or, at this moment, she is teaching her son or daughter how to drive.

Ian Routledge, White Rock

Peace Arch News

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