LETTERS: Unhealthy pandering

LETTERS: Unhealthy pandering

Editor: Re: Fraser Health meeting a sham: MLA , Feb. 28.


Re: Fraser Health meeting a sham: MLA, Feb. 28.

I read the above article with regards to closing of the Ocean Park outpatient laboratory collection facility.

MLA Tracy Redies’s comment indicating the meeting was a “sham” is nothing more than pandering to the voting base and has nothing to do with the very legitimate reasons and rationale for closing a facility that is a drain on the limited health-care resources that can be better-funneled to support both in- and outpatient care at Peace Arch Hospital.

For Surrey Coun. Mary Martin to be “furious” about this closure is, again, pandering to the voting base and fuelling an unnecessary fire burning up health-care resources.

I am a member of the South Surrey/White Rock community and fully support this closure. I see all of this hoopla as a demonstration of the local, entitled and financially privileged residents expressing their desire for champagne service while the local hospital resources suffer. The decision to close this facility was done with tremendous care by the very capable health-care professionals charged with managing the limited resources responsibly.

Reading this article and learning that residents were not interested in hearing the facts and background unless they could “get their way” is akin to a two-year-old’s temper tantrum.

For PAN to report on this meeting and not include even a reference to attempting to include that rationale is irresponsible and sensationalizing a conclusion that anyone with the basic facts would also come to.

Darlene McCroary, Surrey

Editor’s note: The article noted board president Michael Marchbank previously offered financial rationale, and quoted a spokesperson saying Fraser Health is “making sure we’re providing care to the region adequately.”

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