LETTERS: Tory offensive over elections

Letter writers criticize Canada's proposed Fair Elections Act.


Once more the Conservative Party of Canada has wallowed in the depravity of the lowest form of democracy and politics.

I am referring to Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre launching an attack on Canada’s chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand.

Mayrand has voiced his concerns regarding Bill C-23, the Fair Elections Act, as he should in his position as chief electoral officer. Instead of defending and discussing the bill, Poilievre attacked Mayrand personally in his position as chief electoral officer, accusing him of wanting more power and less accountability.

This attack technique has become the standard procedure for the present Canadian government. They would prefer to bully and insult officers of Parliament, than to discuss and debate issues with them.

Their arrogance and attitude does not stop at officers of Parliament, they have in many cases during their time in office attempted to bully and denigrate Canadians when citizens have disagreed with this government.

It would appear to me that this government is afraid to discuss issues and would prefer to be bombastic in their actions.

In my mind, they are insecure bullies and are afraid of Canadians.

Ian Routledge, White Rock

• • •

A question I would like to ask my voting neighbours and the Conservative backbenchers: Is allegiance to the Conservative party really more important to you than our duty for democracy and democratic principles?

If you say democracy, then you cannot possibly justify supporting a mislabeled “Fair Elections Act” bill that editorial boards across this country, who have previously endorsed Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have condemned; that Canadian and global political science scholars plus current and past Chief Electoral Officers have condemned; that political pundits across the country and even the U.S. and U.K. have universally condemned; and respected Sheila Fraser, former auditor general has also condemned.

How can Conservative MPs justify forcing their majority in the House of Commons and Senate for an Act that makes fundamental changes to our electoral system?

The bill appears to be bitter grudge acting out against all the Canadians that did not vote for them, as well as the supposed non-partisan employees doing their jobs with respected and formerly credible methods.

Any revisions to elections laws should have multi-party support, be evidence-based and look to the future.

Pat Petrala, White Rock



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