LETTERS: Surrey has an ‘old-school mayor problem’



Re: Public was consulted on policing: McCallum, April 12

Mayor McCallum appears determined to consolidate assets (cancelling a long-anticipated project), and push fake news, in “Trump-esque” style, regarding public consultation.

Public consultation is a process, there are rules to follow. Being elected is not a substitute for public consultation. Campaign promises are a different process, involving considerable heapings of enticement.

The RCMP don’t administer a different set of laws than a municipal police force would.

So why would municipal police be able to do a better job?

Is it that Mayor McCallum thinks he will have more control over a publicly-funded force? That’s the only reason that makes sense to me.

In exerting that control, would he be working to hire extra police and institute old-style tyranny, over “his” force?

It’s an old-school running shoe, and it smells bad for the people of Surrey.

It will cost us so very dearly – just ask the citizens of Abbotsford, New Westminster or Burnaby, and look forward to long legal suits.

We don’t have a policing problem, we have demographic problem and an old-school mayor problem.

E.M. Butler, Cloverdale

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