LETTERS: Strollers of today should be applauded

LETTERS: Strollers of today should be applauded



Re: Sour grapes over strollers, Feb 13.

The strollers of today should be applauded. The protection of our little ones is of prime importance, especially on our transit buses and trains. They deserve the same consideration as those of our neighbours in wheelchairs. They, too, must utilize three seats.

Consider that there are no seatbelts on buses, and strollers of today offer better protection and security with high-tech brakes and harnesses.

Even a sudden stop and lurching forward would torpedo a child forward. Folks who are unable to hang on endanger the small child by their weight alone.

I, as a grandma, have used these lovely strollers (even a double one) to facilitate childcare for my hard-working family.

Physically, I could not have handled a baby and a toddler safely with your old-school umbrella stroller in wind and rain and snow.

The sturdy high-tech choices of today also stabilized this loving grandma.

I have great appreciation for the patience and dedication of most of our bus drivers – especially here in White Rock-South Surrey.

V. Jose, White Rock

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