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Letters to the editor can be e-mailed editor@wltribune.com.

LETTERS: Stop blame, use common sense to increase caribou population

The primary cause of death in caribou has been predation


The alarming trend of limited entry hunt (LEH) moose authorizations in the table put forth by the ministry are self explanatory: 2,032 in 2011 and 400 in 2020.

We have LEH because of low numbers of moose. If we have been decreasing the numbers since 2011, by the government’s calculations, the population is in further danger.

Upon consultation wit the biologist in Region 4 we have 147-167 caribou left in management unit 4-38, 4-39.

During the last moose count in 4-38, 4-39 they counted 152 moose with an estimate of 530, total.

During the last caribou count in 4-38, 4-39 they estimated 147 caribou. They estimated 167 for 2020.

After the predator (wolf) reduction program they estimate two in that area.

The primary cause of death in caribou has been predation. With the reduction plan over the last few years the caribou populations are showing signs of coming back.

With the primary danger reduced, the killing of moose, cow/calf is not warranted.

The only reason the ministry does not consider the moose LEH a culling is that the moose are being harvested for food.

We are authorizing hundreds of moose cow/calf to die to save 147-167 caribou with the moose, themselves, not harming the caribou.

Both governments have had the opportunity to do the right thing to increase the caribou populations.

Let’s stop blaming each other and start using common sense. Let’s all work together and try to increase the caribou herds without harming the already endangered moose populations.

Al Bush

Williams Lake

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