LETTERS: SOWINS provides safe options

I arrived seven months ago and have been amazed at all the support SOWINS receives.

South Okanagan Women In Need Society would like to thank all the individuals, businesses and organizations that gave so generously to us throughout 2014.

I arrived seven months ago and have been amazed at all the support SOWINS receives. From businesses that gave us discounted rates, to the children that come in to donate their allowance or toys for children that had to leave their belongings behind when fleeing from their home.

The communities that surround us assist us in serving the women and children on a daily basis. Abuse is something that many of those we serve face daily and our programs and services assist the women and children with options and support to see them through. Some of our clients experience challenges in every step they take and with your support we are able to walk beside them as they overcome the barriers to living a safe, healthy life for themselves and their children.

In 2015 SOWINS will be starting up our first Second Stage Housing Program. Our First Stage Housing Program is our transition house where women and children stay for 30 days. As there are few or no rental possibilities that are both safe and affordable, some women are forced to return to unsafe housing and living conditions.

Our Second Stage Housing will provide affordable housing for these women and their children to live in up to a year while they look for and secure their own independent housing. SOWINS is very excited to be creating this program and working with BC Housing’s Homelessness Prevention Program on this initiative.

SOWINS saw the needs of the community and with the support of BC Housing HPP will see women have healthy and safe options going forward.

Thank you to our board of directors who support and encourage all of us at SOWINS in our work and passion while we work diligently toward our mandate, mission statement, and strategic plan in keeping women and their children safe while working to eradicate abuse. We look forward to working with you to accomplish our goals.

If you would like to help with our Second Stage Housing initiative we are seeking safe and affordable rentals, gently used furniture and housewares.

Please contact me anytime at 250-493-4366 ext 101 to see how we can work together to create a safer, healthier community for some of our more vulnerable citizens.

Debbie Scarborough

Executive director of SOWINS


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