A pair cyclists riding in South Surrey follow the rules of the road. That isn’t always the case as some avid cyclists do not respect pedestrians, automobiles or the rules, writes Bart Por. (Aaron Hinks photo)

LETTERS: Road rules apply to cyclists, too



As an East Beach resident, I totally enjoy the view of the beach and ocean daily. As someone who used to cycle daily, I appreciate that White Rock is a cyclist’s paradise.

Unfortunately, some of our avid cyclists do not respect pedestrians, automobiles or the rules of the road. They seem to feel that the roads are theirs and theirs alone.

On any given day I see blatant disregard for the laws that apply to them as well as autos – anything from speeding to passing on the right, to cutting off pedestrians as they are crossing the street in a crosswalk.

One recent incident prompted me to write this letter. On 8 Avenue west of 160 Street there were two riders travelling side by side, blocking me from going past, as I could not see far enough ahead because of the undulating nature of the street.

If the RCMP paid as much attention to cyclists as they do to autos, it would make the strip a much safer place.

Bart Por, White Rock

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