LETTERS: Pushing the envelope

LETTERS: Pushing the envelope

Editor: Re: Chaotic Metro vote rejects Hazelmere Valley development , June 27.


Re: Chaotic Metro vote rejects Hazelmere Valley development, June 27.

Surrey Coun. Mike Starchuk attempted last week a desperate ploy to derail the vote on Surrey’s proposed amendment to the Metro 2040 Plan.

He claimed to have new information and made a motion to hold another public hearing.

Starchuk contravened instructions at the close of the public hearing. Directors were told not to receive any further information on this application.

The frustration of other regional directors was obvious. Discussions regarding rules on censure followed and the meeting was closed to the public for half an hour to seek legal advice.

Surrey has wasted an enormous amount of regional resources and citizens’ time trying to alter the Metro 2040 Plan it signed onto just a few years ago. This is the second time this year Surrey has asked for radical amendments to the regional growth strategy. The amendments to the South Campbell/Hazelmere Valley are designed to reward political allies and developers.

Unfortunately, Surrey politicians just don’t get it! With all nine seats on council, they feel emboldened to take on the rest of the region and ignore the principles of sensible planning and good governance.

While these recent defeats have stalled the amendment process for now, it’s up to Surrey voters to send a clear message.

Grant Rice, Surrey

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