Letters: Prevention better than punishment

Finland, Sweden and Norway have found that anti-poverty solutions, more education and more jobs are better at cutting crime, writer says.

Re: The conversation on crime continues (Chilliwack Progress letters, June 1)

Once again, Mr. Strahl and his ‘faithful’ are advocating for longer jail sentences.  He advocates simple solutions to a complex problem.

He needs to go to our U.S. neighbors and see how that is ‘working for them.’  They have more people in jail and for longer sentences than most other ‘free world’ countries, and yet still have more violence and crime than most other countries.

Perhaps Mr. Strahl could study successful anti-crime countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway or Iceland and learn how they have combated crime. He will find that it is through anti-poverty solutions, more education and more jobs.

This professional politician just does not seem to get it – he is still, as many conservatives are, caught up in punishment rather than prevention.


Sandy Hayes,


Chilliwack Progress