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Editor: Re: New MP has a choice to make , Jan. 26 letters.


Re: New MP has a choice to make, Jan. 26 letters.

It’s certainly unpopular these days to talk about issues society would rather not examine. We as Canadians always seek collaboration, and there is something very non-negotiable about the topic of abortion. As a society, we feel we have dealt with this issue, and we have done our best to see that people do not rush into this decision.

I’m not writing to undermine that other conversation that we’ve been having as Canadians since Dr. Henry Morgentaler, but what it does point out is that as a multicultural and tolerant society, we have an obligation to preserve the other right to choice: opinions. Why should groups looking to participate in a secular nation’s work program have to declare that they are not against abortion?

Shouldn’t we choose to celebrate diversity of opinion within the framework of law? It would be very multicultural of us not to insist on some sort of moral conversation in order to access this program. We should also celebrate diversity of opinion, not just cultures. We’re all different. After all, it’s already legal!

Coralie McCormick, White Rock

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