White Rock server Hailey Bradford found parking after resident Alana Toms donated her a parking pass last summer. (File photo)

LETTERS: ‘Plan B’ not solving parking issue

Editor: Re: Pay-parking frustration unites strangers, July 7, 2017.


Re: Pay-parking frustration unites strangers, July 7, 2017.

Reading the piece on the parking situation for workers on Marine, it seems that someone is missing the point.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and when it comes to being creative, if you live nearby and are a two-vehicle household, it is a nuisance but you can do the switch-a-roo system.

With today’s insecurity, walking home alone after the late shift is not an option. You have to live with the times. Therefore, the solution to having to drive and especially stay up till 1 or 2 a.m. to pick up the worker is that car switch at 8 p.m.

It is ridiculous because the outcome is the same when it comes to the city’s getting no $$$ from these workers. It just adds pollution with the back and forth, and makes it a pain for those employees without whom those businesses would not function.

Good for that girl who found Good Samaritans. But there are not enough to cover all the staff needed, unfortunately. Going to Plan B is required.

Talk about ridiculous!

O.M. Cooper, White Rock

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