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LETTERS: Peninsula in need of daytime warming centre

Imagine having to walk outside at 7 a.m. in cold weather


As I look outside at the snow I am so thankful I have a warm home.

I am also very mindful of the 31 homeless guests at Peace Portal Alliance Church Temporary Shelter who had to leave this safe refuge at 7 a.m. and not return until 8 p.m.

Imagine having to walk outside at 7 a.m. in cold weather. You have to spend the next 13 hours during a pandemic finding a place to keep alive. You are among the seniors who make up 40 per cent of people who come to the shelter. You have some chronic health conditions which make it difficult to walk much.

The libraries and rec centres or fast food places don’t want you to stay very long, if at all, because of the pandemic. I’m sure you would be desperate to find a warm and safe place to spend the day.

Everything has changed now because of the pandemic.

Many cities are providing an emergency warming day centre for their most vulnerable citizens, many of whom, as I mentioned, are seniors who have poor health.

White Rock and Surrey need to provide an emergency warming centres today duringsub-zero temperatures amidst a devastating pandemic. I urge you to write your city councils to meet this urgent need.

Kathy Booth, South Surrey

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