LETTERS: Not all about dog owners

Editor: Re: Dog-obedience training needed, Oct. 20 letters.


Re: Dog-obedience training needed, Oct. 20 letters.

Bravo, letter-writer Adrian Brown, for stating it so clearly; the entire Semiahmoo Peninsula is indeed overrun with off-leash dogs and their feces.

Dog people seem to think that everyone should just love their pooches, no matter how much of a hazard they are to the environment, or to people who would like to go for a quiet walk in the park or ravine. They have an uncaring attitude and show no respect for people who are cautious and sometimes even scared of their off-leash dog.

What really annoys me is when they put their dog’s poop into a plastic bag and then throw it into the bushes. This is a serious toxin to birds, squirrels and other creatures of the forest.

Please, White-Rock, start enforcing your dog bylaws as strictly as you enforce the parking bylaws. Become the only bastion on the Lower Mainland where citizens can walk freely on the beach or in the parks without encountering dog feces, or being threatened by off-leash dogs.

It could be a great tourist draw, and even more importantly, a great relief to the majority of your citizens who do have respect for their fellow park user.

Wake up, dog people, it’s not all about you.

Steve Hovan, Surrey

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