LETTERS: ‘No’ way to send message


I’ll be voting ‘no’ in the TransLink plebiscite, not because I don’t think we need improved transit.


I’ll be voting ‘no’ in the TransLink plebiscite, not because I don’t think we need improved transit – because I think we desperately need it.

I don’t think TransLink should be reaching into my house for money until they have their house in order.

In the private sector, when your strategy isn’t working, you don’t have the luxury of unilaterally raising prices and revenues at will. A competitive market forces businesses to pursue solutions through innovation and creativity. And you know when you’ve achieved a winning strategy because, amazingly enough, it works.

Our plebiscite vote needs to send a message to TransLink and our civic politicians. Get creative, get efficient, clean up your act, and then we will be more than happy to help you with your challenges.

Marc Burchell, Surrey

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I protest the use of taxpayers’ money for “robocalls” which advertise the non-democratic process of the mayors pushing the ‘yes’ side of the referendum while ignoring the ‘no’ side. This is not democracy when only one side is presented.

If they want to raise money for this initiative, first cut the bloated salaries and excessive top-heavy management at TransLink. A token firing of the CEO doesn’t cut it, especially when he is still on the payroll.

I estimate the mayors can raise the same amount they want by eliminating ridiculous spending on junkets, consultants, advertisements and do-nothing initiatives, etc…

I will vote ‘no’, as they have not proven that another ridiculous tax increase will do anything more.

The current TransLink surcharge on Metro Vancouver petrol was lauded as the be-all/fix-all. So why have the mayors not succeeded in proper planning and implementation of the solutions already? They have more than enough taxpayers’ money already, and it is just sickening that they come out right after the elections with their hand out for more.

As an added affront to our intelligence, they threaten us with increased property taxes if they don’t get what they want, and that is pure balderdash!

Garry Wolgemuth, White Rock



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