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Re: Go back to plastic, LCB, May 21 letters

To the gentleman who is upset about the fact that he cannot get plastic bags from the liquor store; have you considered taking your own reusable bags when going shopping?

Yes, plastic bags are recyclable, but if you think that they are being recycled, think again.

You may want to watch a three-part series which was recently broadcast on the Knowledge Network entitled; “The War on Plastic.”

It shows where those recyclable bags end up, many of them are found in the stomachs of marine animals that have died of starvation. You may also want to go to CBC’s Market Place to watch a report on an investigation done on recycling in Canada. It shows what happens to the plastics that we believe are being recycled.

Think seriously about taking your own bags when going to buy your alcoholic beverages.

Maria Walsh, Surrey


Everyone should know that they can still use their own bags in grocery stores.

Put the bags into your clean cart, after you set your items onto the conveyor belt, open your bags in your cart and bag your own items. The carts get cleaned after each use.

No need to start using plastic bags again.

T. Hardy, South Surrey

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