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Re: ‘Silver tsunami’ debunked by advocate, Feb. 10.



Re: ‘Silver tsunami’ debunked by advocate, Feb. 10.

It was encouraging to read in the Peace Arch News that B.C. seniors advocate Isobel Mackenzie says the majority of seniors in B.C. and including those of us living on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, will never need to reside in a care home and that seniors “for the most part are… taking care of themselves on their own dime.”

She cites her parents who live in the area as an example.

However, Mackenzie’s good news has to be tempered by the fact that since many seniors are living well into their 80s and 90s, frailty and medical afflictions such as hearing and vision loss as well as arthritis and mobility problems often accompany old age.

How many of these people in their 90s are going to be able to fend for themselves in their homes? Paid care will be necessary.

For people such as these – along with those suffering chronic illnesses – daily living can become expensive. For a senior requiring round-the-clock care in an independent living residence, the cost can become prohibitive.

The senior must pay monthly rent that often increases yearly, along with payment for care.

For seniors in their own homes, although there would be no monthly rent, the costs could skyrocket as well. Not only would nursing care be required but payment for meal preparation, grocery shopping and housekeeping would be necessary.

At some point, as savings dwindle, the only alternative for many, will be a move into a government-subsidized care home.

Marjorie Elliott, Surrey



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