LETTERS: Naturist and childcare brouhahas

Rebuttal to Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

With respect (sic) to Anita Mosher’s (Western News letter to the editor, March 18) ‘dialogue’ between young adult (age unspecified) and parent, I propose an alternative such conversation.

Young adult: Did you know that the Criminal Code of Canada says you can’t be nude in a public place?  (bully on her for perusing this arcane document, few have, or perhaps she listens to CBC)

Parent: That sounds reasonable.

Young adult: Sounds pretty stupid to me (Or, whatever current word for this widespread phenomenon is now current with this generation). Who cares?

Parent: In midst of apoplectic fit: muummmm, ffftsss,  ssssppp!!!!

Young adult: Whatever (and walks away, end of story).

I offer this in no way as an insult to whatever age one considers a ‘young adult’ to be. In fact, I devoutly hope that many more of them take this attitude then was the case when I was their age.

I recall when my eldest sister (the quiet one) was about eight asking our (in those days fairly conservative) mother when she had been reprimanded, gently, for going out on the lawn in her pyjamas: but mom, I’ve got more on than when I’m swimming! Our mother conceded her point, but the neighbours would have been unhappy if we’d done that regularly, much less starkers.

Please, I hope/think we’ve progressed beyond that Victorian view of the human body.

As a very beautiful woman I used to know said in response to a flasher: please, if you’ve got something different, do show me!  Precisely.

And in regard to the daycare centre, I applaud Mr. Warren’s letter of support (Western News, March 18).  Let me make a tally here: many citizens are against having to have any contact with (at least) any wild animals, birds they deem nuisances, homeless people, feral horses, and now children and their caregivers (of course excepting their grandchildren).

Sadly, I can’t say move to a big city in a completely urbanized environment as you’re likely to meet many of the above there at least as often. Sadly too, if this happened, the local letters to the editor would be much less entertaining.

PS — having just recovered from a bout of the flu, I may be feeling particularly curmudgeonly; whatever.

Eva Durance



Penticton Western News