LETTERS: Most people complain for the sake of complaining

Remember, there will always be another election time down the road.

Referring to the PNR story, Petitions fly over growth (Jan. 22) , I am getting very tired of hearing and reading about property owners in Sidney having to do battle with Mayor Steve Price and Council over persistent plans to re-zone many parts of the town, thereby permitting absurdly congested new subdivisions.

I was one of some 240-plus property owners who signed the petition referred to by Christine Kollofrath. This petition opposed increasing the Ardlwell/Resthaven housing development from 11 to 18 houses. At the same time I emailed the Mayor and my neighbour, Coun. Tim Chad, expressing my position; namely, that I am not against development per se, but rather the kind of hyper-density reflected currently by such examples as Harbour Landing.

I cannot comment on Ken and Sue Groom’s grievances, as I don’t know their situation well. However, I’m sure their position has worth, as most folks do not complain with such organized effort, just for the sake of complaining.

In closing, I wish to say “kudos” to Tim Chad for his apparent stand. He will certainly get my  support again, should he continue in local politics.

Regardless, I would urge all of us in Sidney to carefully monitor the voting records of our elected officials on this housing density issue, and to send a strong negative message to those who oppose the public’s wishes.

Remember, there will always be another election time down the road.

David Baxter, Sidney

Peninsula News Review