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Re: Three back request to move hydrant, Jan. 29.


Re: Three back request to move hydrant, Jan. 29.

The article in Peace Arch News about a taxpayer’s request to get a fire hydrant in front of his home relocated proves the City of White Rock has no established decision-making authorities for council members and city managers.

They don’t know what their respective jobs are.

This issue should be decided by one or two mid-level managers. The city manager should not even be involved, let alone elected officials.

Any council member contacted should simply refer the complainant to the appropriate manager for a decision. The elected council’s role is to act as the city’s board of directors, not to micromanage every aspect of the city’s operations.

Remember, the mayor and several councillors campaigned with promises to get Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway moved from White Rock beach. How are they going to accomplish anything on that file, if they waste their time driving around looking at fire hydrants?

David Edwards, White Rock



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