LETTERS: Liberal party leopard can’t change its spots



MP Gordon Hogg stated in a recent interview published in the Peace Arch News on April 5 that, “The act of recording is worse than the content of the conversation.”

Am I reading this right? Recording a conversation is not illegal. Wilson-Raybould clearly thought she was under siege from the Liberal caucus and the Clerk of the Privy Council – supposedly a neutral civil servant.

These “team players,” as Hogg describes them, were trying to manipulate the course of justice by pressuring the Attorney General.

I find it completely understandable and defensible for her to protect herself and provide evidence for this travesty by taping the verbal pressure.

Hogg has drunk Justin Trudeau’s Kool-Aid that the Liberal party comes first before truth and justice. Gordon, you are too much of a team player for me. I will not be voting for you or the Liberals – seems the Liberal party leopard cannot change its spots.

Bev Kaiser, Surrey

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