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LETTERS: LCB should go back to plastic bags



I write with regard to the Liquor Control Board and outlets ceasing the use of plastic bags for customers. I know that Premier Horgan and his party are against anything produced by petro-chemicals but if ever there was an exemption it should be applied to LCB products.

In British Columbia, we are used to getting drenched in steady rain or downpours. Paper bags with glass containers in them are simply inadequate as the paper will give way, causing glass breakage en route to the car or home.

In many cases during COVID-19 social distancing and not straying far from home, many seniors will purchase their liquor and carry it a good distance to their residence. I think you understand where I am going with this – a wet paper with 750 ml or more in it and spillage. But there is an even more insidious aspect and that is seniors being “mugged” by attackers for their liquor. As a former law enforcement officer I can attest to such incidents personally.

Liquor is ever so obvious in LCB marked bags or containers, such as liquor or wine boxes which I had to use today for eight cans of beer.

Please consider continuing the use of very hardy plastic bags. To prevent theft or muggings, simply turn the bag inside out to hide the label.

This will ensure the safety of, particularly seniors, but also anyone taking their product home by not burning petrol, but rather walking. The curtailing the use of plastic bags for carrying a product that is 90 per cent taxes in the price, with additional taxes on top being the PST and GST is absurd.

Please return the very sturdy plastic bags and common sense to liquor purchases. The bags can be recycled.

Jim Simpson, Surrey

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