LETTERS: Kudos to driver who obeyed rules, saved deer

LETTERS: Kudos to driver who obeyed rules, saved deer



Kudos to the vigilant senior citizen who on BC Day obeyed the speed limit and deer signs on 24 Avenue, avoiding what is now becoming a common occurrence – killing deer that make Sunnyside Acres their home.

The gentleman noticed two deer approaching 24 Avenue from Softball City and stopped his car, allowing them to cross safely.

Rotten tomatoes to the garbage truck driver behind him who sat blasting his horn.

Last summer, two fawns were hit and left to die on 24 Avenue between 144 Street and the entrance to Softball City.

It should be noted that wildlife, for the most part, use the same trails while seeking food and water. Deer, noticed grazing in the ditches alongside the road, will often jump out into traffic in their attempts to escape into the safety of their forest.

Drivers should also be aware that colliding with a deer of any size causes costly damage to one’s automobile.

Slow down and be prepared to stop. The life you save could be your own.

Dee Walmsley, Surrey

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