LETTERS: Keeping track of our children


My husband came home this afternoon feeling really sad.


My husband came home this afternoon feeling really sad.

He works on construction sites, and today he witnessed a couple of kids approximately 14 or 15 – the girl was so pretty, he said – “floating,” as he called it, down the street, obviously on drugs.

He watched them until they went out of sight and tried to forget about them, hoping they would be OK.

However, a while later, they showed up again – again “high as a kite,” and not obviously able to return to school.

He wished he could have done something. After all, he said, they were such good-looking kids with so much promise, but, if they kept going that way, they would be going nowhere fast.

The big question is, who can account for these kids? The parents, the teachers… who? If they keep going the way they are, they will not amount to anything. Or heaven forbid, they turn up in an alley, in bad shape or, worse off, dead.

I have been seeing so much of this in the news, but somehow I did not relate to it, because in our family at this time there are no teenagers to worry about the drugs.

But who knows what will happen in the future?

So, again my question is: “Is there anyone who can account for these kids?” If they are not in school, is there no one who can try to find out where they are? Can they contact the parents? Can they notify the teachers? Anything just to try to keep track… Maybe it would help.

D. Barros, White Rock



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