Canadians hold a rally at Peace Arch Park on June 30 to oppose U.S. policy that has separated migrant children from their families. (Contributed photo)

LETTERS: Insensible to open the floodgates

Editor: I asked who there had sponsored an immigrant, as I have done. One woman raised her hand.


I was walking through Peace Arch Park and saw 80 to 100 people demonstrating in favour of both the U.S. and Canada: a) admitting all “immigrants,” and b) doing so so as to not “break up families.”

I asked who there had personally sponsored an immigrant, as I myself have done. One woman raised her hand. I congratulated her. I called the remaining demonstrators lying, cheap hypocrites.

My remark was not welcomed. I stand by it.

It seems a lot of people advocate for open borders and no immigration restrictions, both in Canada and the U.S. Their reasoning puzzles me.

While I support neither, I acknowledge the cogent arguments of those who support one policy or the other. To support both, though, is insensible. It’s like demanding free heating fuel while simultaneously insisting that all your doors remain open in winter.

Less than a half-billion people live in North America. Fifteen times that live elsewhere, and a substantial percentage will gladly come here through open doors, where someone else pays for the heat. The qualifications and number of those we admit is an important issue for your kids; you know, the ones who will be stuck with the heating bill.

To open-borders/welfare advocates reading this, I submit a couple of questions. (In order to pre-empt progressives’ main argument – name-calling – I assert that, yes, I am racist; sexist; homophobic; Islamophobic; trans-phobic; want all children to die; and, oh, I am literally Hitler.)

Conceding all that, here are the questions:

1. There is a place where Mexican children will not be separated from parents. Can you name it?

2. When American or Canadian citizens hop across their own nation’s border, not at a port-of-entry, they – like others – are arrested, and detained. Did you know that?

3. When anybody is arrested and detained, they are separated from their families. This has been normal practice in every nation for, oh, centuries. Does this practice surprise you? If not, where was your opposition to it before last month?

4. Families approaching the border are not separated if they do not try to cross illegally. Is this news to you?

Giving credit to welfare/no-borders advocates for kind hearts, they have not thought through the consequences of opening the borders of highly taxed, western-civilization-governed welfare states to the other seven-plus billion people in the world.

David Danylyshyn, Surrey

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