LETTERS: Harmony project not a good fit for South Surrey neighbourhood



Re: ‘Positive advocacy’ campaign aims to clarify South Surrey inclusive-housing project, May 3

I can appreciate that the City of Surrey wants to increase commercial properties and to continue moving towards a mix of commercial and residential along 152 Street. However, the development of a 91-unit apartment building in a residential home area is not a good mix and I appreciate that the mayor and some councillors have recognized this.

The suggestion that (proponent Doug) Tennant wants to “educate” those of us that are not buying into his project is ridiculous and a waste of his time and money.

Mr. Tennant suggests that those of us opposing this development just don’t understand the issue of social housing.

We do understand.

The rental homes that currently sit on this property fit with the local building designs and do not stand out as a 91-unit/six-storey apartment building would.

We understand that the trees that currently live on this property will be removed.

We understand that even though your project can be built without a variance, you aren’t happy with the fact that you have a Heritage Trail running right through this property.

Leave the trail, leave the trees and build something that will enhance this neighbourhood, not another monstrosity.

I’m all for development where it makes sense. This doesn’t make any sense to me or anyone in this area that I’ve spoken with.

Furthermore, 20 Avenue feeds the schools located along 148 Street. High school, elementary schools and private schools all have parents driving along 20 Avenue to pick up and drop off their kids.

At 3 p.m. you are taking your life into your hands trying to pull out of your driveway or cross 20 Avenue, as they have no crosswalk at 151A Street. You have the Windsor Square Shopping Centre and numerous businesses along 152nd that are used as drive-through accesses for those trying to avoid the lights at 152nd. Adding a 91-unit apartment building will just make this situation worse and will result in more frustration, noise and pollution.

This proposal is not a good fit and I hope the mayor and council members stick to their gut feelings on this.

Neil Floyd, Surrey

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