LETTERS: Frustration building in White Rock

Editor: Re: Waterfront parkade draws criticism from residents, July 19.


Re: Waterfront parkade draws criticism from residents, July 19.

Please count me as one of the White Rock taxpayers who is completely opposed to the proposed garage at the corner of Victoria and Vidal.

Certainly it is clear that most of the present city council is in favour of this monstrosity, as they are supportive of the expanding construction of skyscrapers, many bought and left empty by foreign buyers as part of the giant pyramid investment scheme that is our real estate market.

In the meantime, we suffer huge tax increases.

No need to say this was the fault of higher assessments, that does not excuse the rate increase.

Clearly, to enable the citizens/taxpayers of White Rock to take control of city hall back from developers and non-citizen business owners, we must replace most of council at the next election. To accomplish this and overcome the money from special-interest groups, this replacement process should start soon. I, for one, would be happy to help any knowledgeable citizens dedicated to running for mayor or council to take back the city.

I urge others to organize and participate. It will be difficult against the organization and money of the White Rock Coalition, but it must be done.

In the meantime, the struggle against the garage monstrosity must go on but I predict sadly, that with the existing city council, it will be built.

Brian Tuomi, White Rock

• • •

I thought I was beyond surprise by the mismanagement of the City of White Rock, by mayor, council and senior staff. The arrogance, rudeness, secrecy, misinformation, neighbourhood-spoiling spot zoning against massive public opposition, shabby public areas and unsafe sidewalks, to name just a few things.

I thought the zenith to be the mayor storming out of the OCP public hearing (Mayor shuts down annual-report critics, June 28).

But no. I attended the information fiasco on the proposed but certain, massive concrete multi-million-dollar blight on another neighbourhood.

Apparently, the financial figures were not relevant. When asked why there was no financial projections, revenue/maintainance cost, etc., the director of municipal operations replied: “That is finance, you will have to contact them.”

Flabbergasted, my mind conjured up one word, but an oh-so-apt one: folly. Meaning: “A costly and foolish undertaking; unwise investment or expenditure; and a peculiar architectural fancy. Extravagant and serving little purpose.”

Taxpayers, how much are you willing to hand over for this waste of millions of your money?

Thanks to Mayor Wayne Baldwin and company, we have towers where there should be townhouses. Now, coming to a neighbourhood near you with all the inherent problems, a concrete multilevel garage where there could be condos.

By the way, this is also environmentally unfriendly construction and totally counter trend away from the automobile.

Folly indeed.

Gerald Kirk, White Rock

• • •

I’m reading the articles and online comments regarding a parking lot in the beach.

I assume residents know that a small community like White Rock is financially starved and, I believe, mandated to grow by the province? Why is there no discussion to join the City of Surrey?

Cross 16 Avenue and what do you get? Good water, free parking at South Surrey rec centre/arena and facilities – unlike White Rock beach and Centennial Arena – free parking in the quaint seaside village of Crescent Beach, no highrises in Ocean Park, lower taxes for residents and business.

Why would anyone in White Rock not vote to join Surrey and back a politician with a mandate to do what’s best for residents?

J. Amyotte, Surrey

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