LETTERS: Doggy doo-right

LETTERS: Doggy doo-right

Editor: I inadvertently tossed my wife's iPhone and car keys into the large doo-bin at Dogwood Park.


A few months ago, I inadvertently tossed my wife’s iPhone and car keys – which were safely stored in a green doggy-doo bag – into the large doo-bin at Dogwood Park.

How could I do that? Let me count the ways!

For the next hour or so, there I was with my head stuck in the small opening poking at a mountain of green bags, three feet below, with a long stick trying to locate my bag – wondering how I might grab it – experiencing the joy of a wide variety of doggy-doo odours.

I could be sure my bag was there because I called it from my own phone and it rang, but the sound rebounded throughout the can making it difficult to pinpoint.

I’m sure I was an interesting caricature standing there with my head in the bin while asking potential new contributors to please use the other bin.

Sympathetic dog owners tried to help with suggestions – longer sticks, a stronger light to possibly see it and eventually the telephone number of the Surrey parks department.

I talked to Nicki who was very kind and put out a call for the maintenance man, Dave Bal, who came to my rescue much quicker than I imagined. He had the keys to open the bin and the necessary equipment to poke around the doo-heap until we found my bag.

Dave was so responsive and so kind and refused all of my offers of gratitude and I was so impressed with his work ethic and integrity.

I had intended to voice my thanks so much earlier but misplaced my notes until a few days ago.

Thanks so much to Nicki and Dave who do good work for Surrey parks.

John Oliver, White Rock

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