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Re: Thrift development rejected by council, Feb. 26.


Re: Thrift development rejected by council, Feb. 26.

I was pleased to hear that the seven-level, 11-unit development proposal on the corner of Thrift Avenue and Vidal Street has been rejected by council. Apparently the residents have consistently opposed, and have strongly rejected all development proposals thus far.

However, I was confounded when I read Mayor Wayne Baldwin’s comment that the latest project proposed was “too high, too dense and out-of-character for the neighbourhood.”

A couple years ago when residents “opposed and strongly rejected” the proposed Beverley development on Vidal Street, their wishes were totally ignored. Literally less than a “stone’s throw” away from the 14937 Thrift Ave. property, the 13-level, 89-unit Beverley development is being built.

This really is a ridiculous display of inconsistency by city staff and council as to what developments they approve for the area.

One wonders what criteria are used when city staff and council make their decisions on what can and can’t be developed.

L. James, White Rock



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