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LETTERS: COVID-19 will impact us all, one way or another

Let me say that our hospital staff are heroes


So far Williams Lake has been lucky — no known cases of the pandemic. Our family has been social isolating for over a year now due to my husband’s diagnosis of primary myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow cancer that only can be cured by undergoing a high-risk stem cell transplant.

He is almost nine months into his recovery and since December has had to spend many hours and days and nights at our hospital.

Let me say that our hospital staff are heroes, they have been working since January in a construction zone.

The ACU is overworked and extremely busy so patients don’t always get their needs met at ideal times.

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When the COVID-19 hits where will they put the patients? So all you who are going about your life like it is normal…you think that it won’t affect you?

If you think it is only a danger for people like my husband, you are wrong.

You may not get COVID-19 but while so many do and our dedicated professionals are working hard with them what if your appendix bursts?

What if you get in a car accident? What if you have a stroke or a heart attack, what if you need to get an x-ray or a blood test?

While we were in Vancouver on the Leukemia bone marrow transplant floor we saw young people who looked healthy and the story was all the same. I didn’t feel good, I had a sore back, I went for a test and they told me to get to the emergency room immediately and then I was flown down here.

We have learned that life changes in an instant and disease doesn’t wait until it is a good time in your life.

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We met many young people who have had their lives stopped short and now because of COVID-19 they are not able to continue with treatment and get tests because Vancouver is in crisis.

So while you may never die of COVID-19 you might die because of COVID-19 and if we don’t all start staying home many others will die too.

Thank you to all the staff we appreciate your efforts your diligence and your patience.

Kim Herdman

Michael Rawluk

Williams Lake

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